Here’s how to enjoy your food, not throw it away.

Each year, Australians spend around $7.8 million on food which is thrown away.

However, it’s not just individuals contributing to the waste. Australians from all sectors of the food chain must work together in order to cut back on food waste – from the paddock to the plate. This includes farms, industry, healthcare sectors and households.

Food waste affects more than the hip pocket. Environmental and social sustainability is also affected, as important resources such as water and energy are needed in food production, transportation and supply. For every one tonne of food waste sent to landfill, a staggering 750kg of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. The good news is that individuals can make a positive difference to help minimize food waste in Australia.

The Dieticians Association of Australia has partnered with Love Food Hate Waste to provide us with seven simple ways to reduce household food waste:

  • Plan meals in advance, so that you only buy the food you need
  • Store food correctly and freeze any leftovers
  • Compost fruit, vegetable and grain-food scraps, or use worm farms
  • Choose foods with the least amount of packaging where possible and appropriate
  • Reduce packaging by buying frequently-used or long-shelf life items in bulk, and portioning into re-usable containers. For example, buying 1kg of meat and freezing into several meal-size amounts, or buying 1kg of yoghurt and dividing into smaller portions to take to school or work.
  • Use sturdy, re-usable bottles for water and other drinks, rather than buying disposable containers
  • Take re-useable bags with you to the supermarket and remember to carry a spare.

What are your tips for reducing food waste? We’d love you to share them with us.