New Farm’s charming bistro and server of craft beer, Bitter Suite, boasts a sensational new menu to warm your heart (as well as your stomach) through the winter months.

There’s something a little extraordinary about New Farm local, Bitter Suite.

The bistro has an ability to satisfy your cravings on any occasion, whether it be a weekend breakfast, post-work drinks, a catch-up with friends or a family outing.

To cater to their fond customers, who are quite often regulars, Bitter Suite has introduced a new seasonal menu with a focus on fresh and quality produce.

Owner Katherine Saunders says Bitter Suite endeavours to make everything on the menu from scratch, including the rye bread and a house tomato sauce.

“We are passionate about fresh food, sourced as local as possible and prepared from scratch in the kitchen,” says Saunders.

“A happy by-product of this is that 70% of the menu is gluten-free.”

Saunders proves that considerable thought has been put into Bitter Suite’s sourcing of ethical and organic meats for the menu.

“The lamp rump (for example) is ‘saltbush lamb’ – saltbush is a succulent that grows around the Murray River and requires very little water to grow. Lambs grazed on saltbush require no drenching which means they are much healthier animals,” says Saunders.

“Our beef and steak is organic from Tasmania.”

Inclusive in the new menu is a divine quail dish, where the meat is brined and smoked in apple tea.

All the salad greens, herbs, honey and edible flowers are organic, with some sourced from head chef Andrew Birse’s family farm in Montville.

Birse also provides variety to the menu by frequently changing his chef’s specials, including a daily risotto and salad special, and fish or steak specials on weekends.

Saunders says the local favourite is the weeknight special, where new dishes are accompanied by a beer, wine or cider for $20.

“We specialise in craft beer but also do great wine and cocktails. We can match any drinks to dishes, just ask your waiter!”

It must also be mentioned that Bitter Suite pairs its menu with exceptional, personal service – for many locals and regulars it becomes a ‘home away from home’.

If you plan on dining out this weekend, consider indulging in great food, drinks and company at Bitter Suite.

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