2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the commercial production of macadamias in Australia.

Australia is the birthplace of macadamias. The delicious nuts were actually discovered more than 60,000 thousand years ago along the north-east coast of Australia, growing naturally in rainforests.

Aboriginal people believed they had value, so they traded them between tribes and used them as ceremonial gifts.

The first commercial production of macadamias occurred in 1974. Now, there are more than 750 growers around Australia that produce over 40,000 nuts-in-shell per year. Over 70% is exported to 40 countries around the world.

According to Jolyon Burnett, CEO of the Australian Macadamia Society, Australian macadamias account for 30% of the worlds production, making Australia the leading country when it comes to production and export.

Australian celebrity chefs including Adriano Zumbo, Kylie Kwong, Karen Martini and Giovanni Pilu have joined in on the celebrations, coming up with recipes that celebrate the unique taste of Australia’s macadamias. Stay tuned for those this week!

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