Fortitude Valley never ceases to impress diners, with yet another exquisite new restaurant set to electrify the suburb.

Chef Gordon Wu’s inspiration for his first restaurant, the Flaming Olive Restaurant + Bar, began with his love of olives.

The olive is indeed a diverse and flavoursome staple, and with the recent opening of Wu’s restaurant, he is determined to unlock the under-utilised potential that an olive has in the kitchen.

This salty Mediterranean fruit is the signature dish in his restaurant, with Brisbane flocking to taste the flaming olive – literally heated over an open blaze.

A renowned chef in the hospitality world, Wu fulfilled his childhood dreams by opening up his first restaurant in Fortitude Valley’s M&A Lane last week.

Originally the owner of a graphic design business in Shanghai, Wu came to Australia to learn the style of Western cooking.

Wu’s artistic abilities can be seen from the walls to the plate, with his goal to create a refined restaurant and bar inspired by the shop space he designed.

Everything on the menu is made on the premises — from the fragrant chicken to the suckling pork, the Flaming Olive is treat packed.

Once you get past the food, the bar dessert concoctions are an indulgence in themselves, from martinis, champagne cocktails, apple crumble, spirits and a diverse wine list.

Not only is the Mediterranean menu delicious, it’s also good for you — new research has revealed that Mediterranean cuisine is a healthy addition to your diet.