Tonight the Valley will welcome the opening of Griffith’s latest venue Kwan Brothers, an Asian pop culture warehouse bar offering oriental street foods.

Brisbane Hotelier Damian Griffiths, the man behind the success of Alfred & Constance and Alfredo’s Pizzeria, will add another notch to his belt when Kwan Brothers opens its doors tonight.

Kwan Brothers will be found immediately next door to Alfredo’s on Alfred Street in Fortitude Valley, and with the hype surrounding the venue, it’s already set to be another bustling micro precinct.

“It’ll be an eclectic venue marrying the grit of this old Asian food factory with a fair bit of bling and crazy pop culture references, all centering around the flame and theatre of a giant robata grill,” says Griffiths.

“Again we are going for a 7 day, late night venue. It can be kind of what you want it to be, whether you enjoy it as a restaurant, a bar or even a nightclub. Cozy booths, plenty of seating, as well as plenty of standing room around the main bar.”

Griffiths says there’s a lot of scope for late-night venues in Brisbane, but there are many people yet to give the style of dining a chance.

Griffiths has partnered with renowned Brisbane designer Alexander Lotersztain for the Kwan Brothers setting.

“There’s also a hidden bar. We don’t want to give too much away but it’ll be Richard Boccato’s (New York, one of the most world’s most influential bartenders) first bar project in Australia. He’s helped us style our tiki menu at A&C three times now, but I know he’s keen to try something a bit different for Kwan Bros.”

Griffith’s patron chef Jocelyn Hancock with partner with head chef Norm Harvey (Alfredo’s, E’cco) to deliver the oriental cuisine.

“I’ve been travelling a bit through Asia — Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong, and I thought there was scope for bringing some of the big flavours of Asian-style street food to town,” says Griffiths.

“I’ve also been working with Chom Chom chef and owner Peter Cuong Franklin, who’s doing some pretty cool stuff in this space. He’s agreed to consult and work with our team prior to opening to finalise the offer, which is exciting.

“We went with Kwan Bros as the name to pay tribute to the old Asian food factory the venue will be situated in. It was owned by two brothers who had a long history in The Valley and we thought it would be a cool idea to give a tip of the hat to the history of the building.”

Check out Kwan Brothers from Friday 16 May when it opens to the public.

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