The boys behind Holloway eyewear have ventured into Brisbane’s dining scene with an exquisite West End restaurant.

Martin Brown and Raffaele Persichetti, the two local entrepreneurs responsible for the success of Holloway eyewear, have recently opened a restaurant of the same name along Hardgrave Road in West End.

From the floor to the ceiling of the historic 1930s building, Holloway has been handcrafted with custom made décor.

Features include its 1800s John Broadwood & Sons piano, glass-framed lanterns, Frank + Mimi signage and pieces by local artist Kizan Kakinuma. Its stunning floors are also made from natural stone and native timber mosaic.

While the creative gents continue to craft the Holloway eyewear from the cellar studio of the venue, they have exciting plans for the space.

They hope to screen documentaries to initiate conversation amongst guests, and install a greenhouse and aquaponic system in the backyard to grow kitchen produce and new wall art.

As the restaurant finds its feet, a menu has been formed to reflect seasonal produce sourced from local and organic suppliers.

The menu is set to change by the season and feature everything from Asian to Mediterranean cuisine. It’s currently short and sweet, incorporating three entrees, mains and desserts, like Sicilian ricotta torte, hand-stuffed duck ravioli and an iconic Persichetti family recipe from mandarin marshmallow mousse.

If you stop by on the weekend, expect the likes of sago kaya crumpets, Tuscan eggs and organic coffee on offer for breakfast.

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