This autumn, become as strong as Popeye and eat yourself to good health with a load of seasonal spinach…

It’s spinach season and this superfood has many health benefits to boast. Its nutritional attributes are endless, with plenty of antioxidants, anti-ageing benefits; improvements to muscle efficiency and it’s reported to even reduce the risk of skin cancer.


A native of Asia, spinach is rich in nitrogenous substances that are essential to a healthy diet. For a nutritional boost, it can be added raw or cooked in salads, soups, pastas and dips.

Spinach is a high source of vitamins A, B2, C and K, and contains magnesium, folate, iron, calcium and potassium, which are all vital to boost your immune system as we arrive in winter.

Spinach characteristics

Packing twice the amount of fibre than any other greenery, spinach can be used as a supplement for iron deficiency.

The leaf’s dark green pigmentation indicates its high concentration of beta-carotene. To get the most out of spinach, look for the bright and vibrant leaves that stand out – these are found to have the highest amount of vitamin C.


  • English spinach – The traditional spinach found in grocers, best used for cooking. It is often confused with silver beet, however it has smaller, flatter leaves and green veins, while silver beet possesses white veins.
  • Baby spinach – Often sold pre-washed, baby spinach requires no preparation. This means it can be added to meals easily, and because the stems are so tender, there is no need to remove them.

Stay strong with our spinach-inclusive recipes; that can assist you with a source of the superfood this May: