Tourism Australia is set to showcase the best in Brisbane dinning.

Restaurant Australia is designed to show tourists that Australia is the place to go for the best food and wine experience,with the online campaign inviting the Australian food and wine industry to compile information on their restaurants, bars and fresh food markets for the public to feast on.

Australia is already ranked the number one food and wine destination in numerous countries but the goal is to now take on the rest of the world. Our country is full of food and wine experiences that aren’t available anywhere else in the world and Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy says we must take full advantage of this.

“There is a growing appetite (literally) globally for food and wine as part of the travel experience and Australia has all the right ingredients to capitalise on this opportunity – with the finest array of produce served in the most stunning locations in the world,” he says. “We are evolving our global campaign with the idea that Australia could be the world’s greatest restaurant – Restaurant Australia – serving up the most unique food and wine experiences in remarkable locations every day.”

Chef Neil Perry says we need to change the impression that ‘Australians just throw shrimp on the barbie’.

“Australian food is great food cooked by fantastic chefs. The wine industry is exactly the same,’ he says.

Numerous Brisbane restaurants have already jumped on the bandwagon, adding their restaurants to the site including Freestyle Tout Emporium, Aria and Moda Restaurant.

Freestyle Tout

Freestyles prides themselves on their extensive dessert menu but also offer a savoury selection. They are located in the Emporium Complex in Fortitude Valley and are open late all week.


Matt Moran’s riverside restaurant offers a menu that highlights fresh local and Australian produce and an award winning wine list. Aria can be found along the Eagle Street Pier.

Moda Restaurant

Javier Codina’s menu is described as modern Mediterranean with a Spanish twist. Enjoy award winning cuisine in a relaxed environment, Moda is located along Edward Street.

You can also be a part of Restaurant Australia. Next time you dine at restaurant or go for drinks, post a picture to Instagram and tag either @Australia, #SeeAustralia or #RestaurantAustralia and Tourism Australia will upload the picture to the Restaurant Australia site.