Paddington’s Moga Izakaya has launched a new menu of tantalising comfort food.

Tucked within one of Brisbane’s hip inner city nooks, Moga Izakaya is serving a new a la carte lunch menu to satisfy Japanese cravings throughout winter.

The star of Moga’s menu is the recently-introduced panko, which is a light crispy Japanese style of bread crumb.

To revamp their katsu sets, the panko has arrived directly from Japan on dry ice from a company that has been making the bread crumbs for more than 100 years.

Head Chef Satoshi Kubota has formed a menu around what you’d expect in a Panko House in Japan, featuring katsu curry in chicken, pork, prawn and vegetable served with steamed rice and miso soup.

For gluten-free and vegetarian diners, Moga’s new soba noodle dishes made from buckwheat flour with tempura prawns, tempura vegetables and house made kakiage (vegetable fritters) are delicious.

Moga has also imported Japanese beers and sake to accompany their dishes, but their house made lemon ice tea is a stand-out.

Japanese tapas style of dining, or ‘Izakaya’, is designed for guests who want to grab a quick mid-week lunch meal, as well as leisurely dine with friends on the weekend.

With the surrounding lanterns, cherry blossom tree ornaments and traditional décor, a visit to Moga feels like a fleeting trip to Japan.

Moga’s new menu is available from 11:30am Tuesday through to Sunday.

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