As seen in Issue 280, Andrew Corrigan shares his tips for great value Rieslings, in the first of a three part series.

The price of the wine and the reputation of the producer are of vital note to wine buyers.

An alternative great conversation piece is the personal recommendation with a story.

Here are some of my recommendations on great value wines to seek, starting with Riesling.

The best value in crisp fresh white wine is Riesling (pronounced “reez-ling”).

When winemakers and wine judges are offduty and want a light-bodied, dry, fresh white for warmer weather, then Riesling is invariably the choice.

Riesling is not popular and this is the reason for its lower prices.

Many people believe Riesling to be sweet – though it is generally not in Australia and actually often has a tingling, fresh, dry tartness.

German Rieslings are often sweet, especially the mass-produced wines such as Blue Nun and Liebfraumilch, and perhaps this is where the incorrect belief originated.

Back in the 1970s Aussie Riesling was blended with Gewurztraminer and fruity whites produced.

Anyone over fifty will remember well Ben Ean “Moselle”.

Look for Rieslings especially…
From the Clare Valley (all around $18 – $22) such as:
• O’Leary Walker
• Jim Barry
• Pikes
• Plunkett
• Sevenhill

From the Eden Valley try:
• Leo Buring
• Pewsey Vale

And from the Frankland River:
• Frankland Estate.

Next issue, great value in the Merlot range.