Forget typical sushi and sashimi – Bird’s Nest has reinvigorated West End’s late-night dining scene with its authentic Japanese fare.

Inspired by traditional Yakitori restaurants that line the streets of Japan, within a year Bird’s Nest Restaurant has introduced West End diners to authentic Japanese delicacies.

Dating back to the 17th century, Yakitori is a traditional style of Japanese skewered chicken prepared on Binchoutan or ‘white charcoal’, which is an oak-derived material that reaches 1000 degrees and makes the meat distinctly flavoursome.

While maintaining these traditions, Bird’s Nest have adopted and modernised Yakitori to create an extensive menu of skewered meats, with vegetarian options also available.

All their meat is sourced from free range and organic produce, and the menu is 100% gluten-free.

Co-owners Marie Yokoyma and Emi Kamada have injected their heritage, chef training in Japan and Yakitori study into the restaurant.

“We want Brisbane diners to fall in love with Yakitori as much as we have,” says Yokoyma.

“Whether you’re a seasoned Yakitori lover or are completely new to the experience, there’s a skewer for everyone!”

Bird’s Nest restaurant occupies West End’s late-night dining hub and is open from 5:30pm until late every evening.

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