Have you ever wondered where the world’s best chefs eat when they travel? Aussie superstar chef Skye Gyngell shares her top 10 places to dine before you die.

1. CAFE MULASANO, Porto Palazzo, Turin

It’s a lovely place from which to watch the world go by. Drink bicerin (bitter chocolate, espresso and sweet whipped cream) and dine on tramezzini, a favourite Italian snack.

2. SEAN’S PANAROMA, Bondi Beach

I love Sean’s simple, honest, beautiful cooking and the sun-drenched dining room is so relaxed. It epitomises Australian dining at its best!

3. FAVIKEN, Jarpen, Sweden

Six hundred kilometres north of Stockholm, Magnus Nilsson’s 12-seat restaurant is an incredible experience. It’s really intelligent, thoughtful food with all the ingredients sourced from just outside his door.


Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers’ iconic restaurant is my favourite place to eat in London. I return time and time again both for the easy glamour of the room itself and the honest, simple cooking.

5. ROBERTA’S, New York

It’s fun, warm and cosy, and the pizzas are completely delicious.

6. BALLYMALOE HOUSE, Cork, Ireland

This is one of my favourite places on Earth. To stay here is a real treat, with beautiful Irish cooking using local ingredients. It’s the best place for breakfast in the world and the dessert trolly is a delight to behold. Take time out to visit the cookery school too, it’s really worth a visit.


This is one of my favourite places to eat in Ibiza. It’s right on the beach, and serves beautiful whole fish cooked in a wood fire. It’s one of the nicest places to while away a hot summer’s afternoon.

8. COCO LEZZONE, Florence, Italy

A lovely trattoria close to the Arno River, I make sure I go every time I’m in the city. I always eat bistecca fiorentina (Italian-style t-bone steak).

9. NOMA, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Noma really is a unique experience. Rene Redzepi really changed the direction of food. It’s elegant, paired back cooking and the service is friendly, very welcoming and low key.

10. Lastly ANYWHERE IN SRI LANKA – the food is exquisite.

Skye Gyngell is one of the guest chefs at South Australia’s food and wine festival Tasting Australia, held from April 27 to May 4.