In the latest Tasty Bites, Alice Lindley discusses a Middle-Eastern addition to Paddington, as well as cabin fever in Stones Corner.

Spanish nights at Gordita

The Spanish restaurant ‘Gordita’, meaning chubby girl, from the owners of Peasant, Lefty’s and Cabiria, is Brisbane’s latest Spanish offering.

The menu is Southern Spanish and ranges from snacks, like warm olives with lemon, to dishes served ‘on the bone’.

Try prawns ‘Tio Diego’ with mushrooms, serrano, garlic and sherry, and the stuffed calamari with squid ink, garlic and fried Calasparra rice.

The grass fed 1kg T-bone steak cooked to medium rare, with piquillo peppers, chips and blue cheese has got cardiac surgeons in scrubs ready for action.

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Exotic twist for Paddington

Nestled in among the frangipanis of Paddington you’ll find a slice of the exotic in the new Middle Eastern-inspired venue, Shouk Café.

Hebrew for ‘market place’, the café offers diners a chance to sample a mix of Israeli, Middle Eastern and Tunisian dishes.

Co-owners Adi Shabtay and Guy Frawley met in Israel, and gave chef Joel Kenny the right creative outlet to showcase his talent.

Try the goat’s milk date panna cotta, the shakshuka – Tunisian-style baked eggs – and the lamb schwarma flatbread sandwich, to name but a few.

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Cabin fever

Let Stones Corner’s newest venue, Timber Cabin & Coffee, transport you to the US of A and Canada.

Owners Tracey Larrigan of Green Door Café & Gallery and Dustin Davis, previously at Sling, bring you a part-café, part-bar but all North American venue.

Start the morning with the Lumberjack Breakfast – pork, haloumi, mushrooms and more, or the American hotcake stack. Larrigan describes the menu as ‘Cabin Comfort Food’.

As day turns to evening, out comes the cocktail menu including ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘Camp Fire Fury’.

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Winging it

Love chicken wings? So does the rest of Brisbane, apparently!

The latest food truck to hit the streets of Brisbane, King of the Wings, is selling wings faster than you can say ‘traditional Kentucky herbs and spices’.

Choose from their well-seasoned wings, including American BBQ, the sweet and spicy Bee Sting, the signature Southern Spice and the extra-hot Chillogy, made from three of the hottest varieties of chillies on the market.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for locations… they will pop up anywhere!

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