The Queensland producer is urging Australians to switch back to local wines, in a bid to improve the enconomy

Sirromet Wines owner Terry Morris is urging Queenslanders to help switch back to locally-produced white wines.

“It’s time for us to ditch the imports because right now three out of every four bottles of Sauvignon Blanc sold in Australia are from New Zealand,” says Morris.

Wine Australia reports that of the 32-million litres of Sauvignon Blanc sold in Australia in 2013, 73 per cent was imported from New Zealand.

“Why should we keep supporting jobs in New Zealand when we have more than 50 wineries in Queensland who employ people who spend their money with other local businesses?”

Morris suggests for white-lovers to try Queensland-made Verdelho, a fresh fruit-driven wine, made to be consumed young.

“Queensland is recognised as producing some of the best Verdelho wines in Australia, and it’s a variety that thrives on our Granite Belt soils and the cool climate there.”

“This is a 100-percent Queensland Verdelho in every way.

“There are more than three million adults in Queensland and if they each bought one bottle of local Verdelho from Sirromet or other wineries around the State then it will create jobs here.”