Food blogger Alice Lindley serves up another edition of Tasty Bites, featuring Velo’s next project, lunchbox dropoffs for CBD workers and Bulimba’s superfood hotspot…

A new squeeze for Coco Bliss

Bulimba’s Coco Bliss Superfood Bar has practically reached cult status amongst locals just over the river. The good news? They’ve spread their wings and taken over Press – the little kiosk perched at the end of James Lane in Fortitude Valley. The two women behind Coco Bliss—Candice Collier and Mellita Rayner—have overhauled the menu with all sorts of guilt-free delights.

Some of the Press favourites remain on the menu, so fans of the all-famous chicken or tuna melt sandwich need not despair! However, superfoods reign supreme with vegan, raw and GF options throughout the menu. Coffee is served with a choice of coconut, soy and organic Barambah Dairy milk. So pick up a Green Goddess smoothie and watch the inner glow work its way outwards.

Wholesomeness to your door

Despite best intentions, our Monday morning detox often gives into a sugar craving by Tuesday afternoon and quickly slides into a steady stream of ‘too busy’ there on after. If this sounds like you, too busy to cook the kind of food your body deserves, then try Wholesomeness.

This Brisbane business, created by Georgia and Ben Limmer, makes organic meals and delivers to your doorstep, from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and up to the Sunshine Coast. The exciting news is that the Limmers are setting up a retail store soon (details to be revealed) and increasing their delivery service, now offering three weekly lunchbox drop-offs each week to the CBD area. The meat is grass-fed and hormone-free, the fruit and vegetables are organic and the seafood is sustainable. Kudos to this Brisbane couple for going the extra mile to help the busy people of the region and for helping the planet along the way.

Velo’s next project

Heading up to the Sunshine Coast for a weekend away? Enrich your weekend with some seriously healthy and top quality nosh at the Velo Project. Tucked away amongst the residential streets of Mooloolaba you’ll find a slice of inner-city cool, with a good dose of Byron Bay health and goodness. Fans of the Velo Project will be excited to know that the owner, Clare de Lune, is opening a second restaurant in Cottontree, called The Ivy Room.

Described as ‘dining in the garden by the sea’, this new hotspot is destined to be popular. The restaurant will be rustic in design, surrounded by plants, a picket fence and will feature a wood-fired pizza oven.

In season: watercress

This Tasty Bites is all about getting healthy, in which case you can’t look beyond the good ol’ leafy green. I’m particularly fond of watercress (especially when it’s under a piece of pork belly, but let’s leave that for another issue), as it makes a refreshing change from other leafy greens with its relatively strong flavour and substantial body. This time I’ve enlisted some help with the recipe from Primal Pantry – a restaurant that lives, eats and breathes by the Paleo health trend.

Primal Pantry joined an existing smattering of Paleo venues in Brisbane in mid-2013. The diet bases itself around that of our ancestors in the Paleolithic era (yes, we’re talking up to 2 million years ago) before the dawn of agriculture.