It’s a family affair at Brat Haus, where traditional German recipes have been passed through generations, to offer sausages and biers on Brunswick St

Following the success of its first venue on Caxton Street, Brat Haus has snagged a second spot in Fortitude Valley, to offer locals an Oktoberfest experience all-year-round.

Brat Haus owner, Ben Crick, says his father had a huge role to play in the authentically-German menu.

“My dad is a butcher by trade, and all his recipes have gone into the menu,” says Crick. “The Germans know how to do good food and good bier.”

Crick and his father have been making and selling their sausages at farmers’ markers, council events and music festival for years, which led them to open Brat Haus.

Menu options at Brat Haus include grilled bratwurst, cheese kranski, spicy knackwurst, double-smoked bockwurst, chicken schnitzels and potato roestis.

All the sausages are both gluten and preservative free, and made from premium Australian pork, beef and veal.

“All our sausages are naturally wood-smoked with no artificial flavours or enhancers, and are encased in natural skin,”he says.

To match the menu, Crick has sourced a broad range of German-imported biers, ales and lagers.

“Basically we’ve taken all the German biers and brought them here to Brat Haus, but we’ve also got some great Australia biers like the Hef from Burleigh Brewing Company.”

“In 2010, the Hef beat all the German wheat-biers in the Beer World Cup, which is fantastic for an Australian company.”

The Brunswick St Brat Haus can seat up to 60 people inside and in the courtyard, aptly decorated with German artworks.

“Brat Haus customers feel like they are in Berlin rather than Brisbane.”

“If you enjoy good quality food and beer, German style, this is the place to be – to sit down, relax and indulge in some German cuisine.”

Brat Haus officially opens at 354 Brunswick St on 27 February. For more information on how to join the Brat pack, visit our dining guide.