Alfredo’s Pizzeria is keeping pace with the lingering Brisbane summer with their revamped menu – in the spirit of ‘less clothes, more pizza’.

Alfredo’s Pizzeria is making the most of Brisbane’s never-ending summer with the launch of a new menu. The occasion was marked with a celebration on the evening of Wednesday 12th February, complete with live entertainment, sultry weather and a full house of friends.

Alfredo’s was first opened by Brisbane entrepreneur Damian Griffiths in mid 2013, joining his other Valley ventures, Limes Hotel and Alfred & Constance. This cool little haunt has gathered a strong following over the past six months for a fair few reasons. For one, they are open until 3am on the weekends, they serve pizza right up until midnight seven days a week (giving those late-night party goers a great menu to choose from), and they are seemingly filling a void in the Brisbane social scene – unless you don’t mind a gamble, and kebabs are kind of your thing…

To celebrate the new, late-summer menu, Brisbane’s hip-crowd squeezed in together into the cramped space. This made for difficult work for the waiters, but with more photographers per square metre than waiters at the event, I gathered this was more about a good time than the pizza itself. With a glass of sparkling in hand, I wasn’t going to complain. Food aside, the music and crowd all made for a good night out.

The new menu features some inspired pizza additions like the Sweet Home Alabama, with popcorn chicken, BBQ sauce, crispy pancetta and garlic mayo; and the wonderfully named Pork Sugar Sex Magic, topped with roast pork, honey-roasted pear, caramelised onion and provolone. The menu remains split into pizzas and other Italian dishes, like antipasti, a mix of modern and traditional salads, pastas and desserts.

Is eating pizza on the couch, sans DJ and crowds, more your thing? Lucky for you Alfredo’s delivers pizza and ‘booze’, but is restricted to a small selection of suburbs. Check out more details in our dining guide.