Yoghurtland has become world-renowned for its crave-worthy flavours and healthy approach to frozen yoghurt and now flavourologist Scott Shoemarker has arrived on Australia shores to search for our unique, national flavour to take to the world.

First and foremost, how did you become to be a flavourologist?

Right out of college, I started working with a friend of mine on another frozen yoghurt company. This was the mid 80’s, and I spent several years doing that.

The industry changed and I decided to go elsewhere, but down the track I was asked to come back and help out with some of the projects. We have a large family – seven children. I took the opportunity to get my MBA, work on some project development and started at Yoghurtland in 2008.

During your trip to Australia, what sort of things are you looking for to develop our unique flavour?

We’re looking for things that are the same, and different. For example, vanilla and chocolate are so standard yet can be completely changed.

I’ve come to Australia to understand what sets the country apart. Macadamias are indigenous to Australia, and we previously created a White Chocolate Macadamia flavour.

Tell us about Yoghurtland’s health-conscious approach – in what ways do they aim to create healthy products?

We straddle the line between recreational and healthy alternatives. We don’t claim to be organic all the time. Fat content is prevalent in so much of our diet, so we always try to minimise fat content at Yoghurtland.

The one advantage you have at Yoghurtland is you get to be in control. You can be a little nutty, or pick some no-fat products, or pick something a little more nutritious and fruity. It’s always up to the customer.

What sets Yoghurtland apart from other frozen yoghurt brands and ice-creameries?

It’s an accumulation of many little things. We work very hard to make sure our flavours are as accurate. For example, when thinking about what mango really tastes like, we’ll study the different varieties of mangoes, which ones are most preferred, and then find an authentic flavour from there.

Finding what resonates with our customers is important to us; we want to evoke an emotional response.

Do you know of any future expansion plans for Brisbane?

We have a great relationship and mutual respect between our US and Australian stores. I do know that Yoghurtland has significant plans for Australia.

We love what we do! If you haven’t already been a customer at Yoghurtland, we know you’ll soon see that passion.

Any flavour recommendations for future customers?

We have so many flavours that we rotate through. We have a Carrot Cake variety, and it tastes EXACTLY like carrot cake – in a frozen yoghurt.

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