Tingalpa has a new Mexican resident. Lincoln Patterson, co-owner of Chidos Mexican Grill, chats to bmag about what authentic cuisine is on offer, and provides a recipe for locals to recreate at home.

Tell readers a little about Chidos Mexican Grill:

Chidos is the culmination of well over a decade of dreaming and the desire to bring fresh, quality, affordable Mexican to life in Australia. My business partner and co-owner Craig Wheate’s love and inspiration for the cuisine came from working as a chef at Hacienda de San Antonio in Colima, Mexico. The Hacienda was on the slopes of an active volcano and all the produce used within the resort came from its organic crops and free range animals. Craig is the inspiration behind the amazing menu flavours.

“Chidos” is a Mexican slang term meaning awesome, excellent, cool, amazing – and we thought that that was something great for us to strive to be everyday.

Elese Gabauer of Insite Interiors was truly amazing at bringing our vision for a Mexican Beach house theme to life. We wanted to steer away from your cliche Mexican restaurant, avoiding the typical “Day Of The Dead”, backstreets of Tijuana with diesel barrels, or the token Cactus mural or Sombrero hanging on the wall. This isn’t Chidos.

We are fresh, cool, relaxed – we want it to be a casual experience. We have an outdoor seating area as well as offering takeaway. We are licensed and we are open 7 days for lunch and dinner from 11:30am daily.

What sets Chidos apart from other Mexican venues? 

All of our food is made fresh at the restaurant with our fresh produce arriving daily from the markets. All of our salsas, pico de gallo and hand-smashed guacamole are made fresh in the kitchen every day.

Our steak is all grass fed Angus and our chicken is free range. All meats are marinated in our own secret recipes using authentic Mexican spices, then char-grilled fresh to perfection in-store.

We use Basmati rice which has a lower GI than brown rice. In addition to frozen Margaritas, we offer frozen Bacardi Mojitos which have proven extremely popular.

What can customers expect on the menu?

The important thing is that our menu is not complicated – it is succinct and a simple two step process: select your style and flavour.

Menu items include slow braised Angus chipotle beef, char-grilled Guajillo chicken, or lime-marinated barramundi and prawns. Most of what we offer would be classified as mild, such as the Guajillo marinated free range chicken or char-grilled Angus steak, but our chipotle choices offer a little more kick. We also offer a complimentary hot-sauce-and-jalapenos-well for those who want to kick the spice up further still.

All our fillings and marinades are gluten free so if you are coeliac, you can rest easy.  We also have vegetarian choices and a Little Amigos menu.

Do you believe Mexican cuisine is growing in popularity in Australia?

Yes! But we feel many Australian still have not experienced what great Mexican food can be like. Mexican food has been typically stodgy, heavy, cheese soaked food with low quality ingredients, or something that comes from a packet. Mexican food can be so much more, so much fresher and so much tastier than that. We want to bring Mexican to the masses for everyone to enjoy.

Are Mexican recipes you would like to feature for readers?

Check out our classic guacamole recipe and how to make your own freshly-cooked corn chips for an awesome snack.

Find Chidos Mexican Grill at Twin Parks IGA Shopping Centre, 1534 Wynnum Road, Tingalpa.