Peng You marks their momentous opening with Chinese New Year celebrations

Peng You China Kitchen and Bar is the latest offering in the Gasworks dining precinct. Timing the opening with Chinese New Year, there couldn’t have been an easier way to celebrate.

Peng You translates as ‘friends’, which is something that the restaurant had plenty of for their opening just last week.  A huge crowd squeezed into the front section of the Newstead restaurant, spilling into the forecourt of the Gasometer. While drinks flowed the kitchen geared up to serve it’s many friends, with plates of dumplings being prepared en masse.

A large sheet of paper was rolled out onto one of the tables, with ink pots and paint brushes, encouraging everyone to try their hand at calligraphy and sign their name to mark the occasion.

The main event was none other dancing dragons! Not just your average Chinese New Year dragons either, but ones lit up with neon lights, made even more spectacular after a glass or two of sparkling. The cheeky dragons danced their way through the crowd to the beat of the drum troupe that followed behind. The dragons lead us all back out to the Gasometer where the showed continued with more traditional dragon dancing.

Celebrations done, the restaurant is in full swing. While the place is named Peng You China Kitchen and Bar, don’t be surprised to see a Pan-Asian menu, taking you from China to Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia with its flavours. The menu is all designed to share, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and start passing plates.

The interior is a good mix of the old and new, featuring a sea of glowing red lanterns and a wall mural that borrows too heavily from Sydney restaurant Mr Wong for my liking. It all makes for a relaxed atmosphere and the perfect backdrop for an evening shared with friends.