After the success of Tippler’s Tap in Newstead, owner Brian Kennedy chats to bmag about the plans for Tomahawk Bar and their craft beer ideas.

Tell bmag a little about the plans for Tomahawk Bar:

We’re still at the development phase, but the opening is planned for April 1. We’ll be featuring craft beer on tap, and rotating them as new varieties come in. Tomahawk will also have middle to upper-end wine, but no spirits. It’s all about approachable and easy drinking.

What is Tomahawk’s approach to craft beer?

Craft beer is a scene that is growing very quickly, with more and more local venues popping up in the last year or two.

In Australia, in the last five years, there has been growth of more independent producers reaching into local pubs. Brisbane has two or three breweries that have opened recently, including Green Beacon in Teneriffe.

Tomahawk won’t produce anything, but we will showcase these local, independent producers. It will be a platform for constantly rotating local talent, and we will have a huge range of products.

We are also preparing growlers, or takeaway craft beer, for the opportunity to sample varieties.

What sets craft beer apart?

I honestly believe that craft beer tastes better, and there is more variety.

Some people really get into wine or cocktails. In the past, beer has been homogeneous and mass-produced, so it begins to all taste the same after a while.

But craft beer is experimental, a boutique art and product you can’t get anywhere else.

I guess it’s become trendy, but I believe the product is good enough, and interesting enough, to have a grip on people after the trend fades out.

What sort of cuisine can be expected on the Tomahawk menu?

Our head chef at Tippler’s Tap, Ali Orchard, is in charge of developing the menu for Tomahawk. It’s going to be a rustically elegant approach, according to Ali.

The menu will have food to match well with the craft beer. It will be well-prepared, simple and approachable food.

Look out for the opening of Tomahawk Bar, at Grey St in South Bank, in early April.

What’s your favourite type of craft beer? Let us know your favourite brew!