Amongst the back-to-work stress and the kids returning to school, it can be difficult to organise dinner every night. We’ve compiled the best of our quick, family dinner recipes to make your evenings easier.

Most of these family dinner recipes can be prepared in less than half an hour – and there’s something to suit even the fussiest of family members!

Beef, tomato and olive casserole

A hearty home-cooked casserole is a welcomed way to spend a family night in.

Italian margherita pizza

The secret to an authentic Italian pizza, revealed by Majo’s at New Farm.

Chicken and vegetable lasagne

Enjoy our fresh take on this traditional, family-favourite dish.

Spanish-style meatballs

Add a bit of fiesta to your home-cooking!

Chicken with fruit salsa

Sneak some daily fruit servings into the kids’ diets.

Lamb moussaka

Layers upon layers of delicious mince and cheese.

Chicken, prawn and chorizo paella

Serve up a taste of Spain on your dinner table

Barbecue ribs

Find tips on how to make the perfect barbecue pork ribs the whole family can enjoy.

Lemon and rosemary lamb kebabs

A summer treat to grill on the barbecue before the season is over.

Fettuccine Bolognese

A hearty family-favourite for an evening meal.

Teriyaki chicken

Chef Lorenzo Nobillo offers a tasty rendition of an Oriental classic.

Potato Gnocchi

Make your own fresh gnocchi dumplings following this easy and versatile recipe.

Nasi Goreng

The fried rice favourite and national dish of Indonesia

Buckwheat & Ginger Patties

These buckwheat patties are wholesome, savoury and fabulously versatile.

Quattro Formaggi with Bowtie Pasta

A rich pasta recipe with four cheeses that will satisfy all the family members.

Fresh Baguette with Prawn & Avocado Filling

You can always make the filling in advance for this baguette. Pop it in a takeaway container with the rocket and avocado kept separately.

Wholemeal Couscous with Pumpkin & Bacon

Couscous is a nutritious and family-friendly alternative to pasta.

Sage and prosciutto pork fillet

Gluten-free recipe that makes most of delicious prosciutto


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