The journey of ginger has helped to put Queensland on the international map. We explore the history of this Queenland gem, and some facts you might not know.

Did you know?

  • Ginger first appeared in China’s first “Pen Tsao Ching” (classic of herbs) circa 3000BC
  • Confucius mentioned ginger and its health benefits.
  • Ginger was one of man’s earliest medicines, much prescribed for its carminative properties in treating stomach distress.
  • Henry VIII praised its goodness as a cure for the plague.
  • It was one of the original products in the spice trade along the Silk Road.
  • It was the first crop planted in the Americas after Columbus.
  • It is reputed to be an aphrodisiac. Its benefits include: improvement of circulation, balance hormonal flow, clearing the brain and strengthening the vital energies of the lethargic.

Queensland Buderim Ginger:

Buderim Ginger started over 70 years ago in 1941, when five Buderim farmers met together in an old blacksmith’s shop and formed The Buderim Ginger Grower’s Co-operative Association Limited. Between them, the five farmers had capital of £25, two wooden vats, 14 tons of green ginger and plenty of Australian spirit.

By the 1990s, Buderim ginger from Queensland had earned the title of the World’s Finest Ginger and was distributed to over 17 countries.

Ginger characteristics

It can be bought in many forms, and each has a distinct flavour and characteristics:

  • Ground: has a peppery, fiery heat.  It is a base flavour and is a little pungent, which makes it great for gingerbread men and cookies.
  • Crystallised and Naked (Uncrystallised) – a ginger with a light surface coating.  Buderim takes premium low fibre pieces, cooks them lightly in cane sugar making an exotic dance between “sweet” and “heat”.Great chopped up in muffins, cakes or just eat from the bowl for a healthy snack. Often used by many of Buderim’s customers as the secret ingredient in their spaghetti bolognese – just mash your ginger pieces through a garlic press and add the shreds to the meat sauce.
  • Glace:  A delight for baking and chocolate.  It has a slightly wet sticky surface. It gives a hit in your fruit cake or fondue or the famous Ginger Factory Café scones.

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