Is your fridge safe? We share some rules to keep your food and family safe from sickness.

Keeping your kitchen clean is only the beginning, with the inside of the fridge being an area where common mistakes are made:

1. Temperature

The fresh food compartment should be set at or below 4 degrees and -18 degrees is what the freezer should always be set at.

2. Save it for later…?

If you have a sip of a drink and put it back in the fridge open to the elements it may become tainted.

3. Labelling

Always label left-overs with names and dates to avoid eating something that has been in the fridge for too long.

4. Over packing

In fridges this is bad, as the air needs to circulate throughout the fridge to keep it cool and fresh.

In freezers it is fine, an overstuffed freezer actually cools more efficiently.

5. Meat

When putting meat in the fridge always place it on the bottom shelf and never squish meat products into an over-packed fridge on top of things.

When chicken has been in the freezer and you need to defrost it, never defrost it out in the open as it can grow bacteria before it is finished thawing. A better option is to thaw chicken in the fridge.


Other common mistakes made by people can be having pets in the kitchen, not thoroughly cleaning chopping boards between different uses and using cloths or tea towels too often without regular washes.

Have you checked your fridge recently? Are you an over-packer? Share your fridge horror stories with us.