Achachas were native to the Amazon, Bolivia, and now the tropical fruit has made its way to Northern Queensland plantations.

Achachas are a bright orange, tropical fruit that have been described as ‘sweet, tangy and refreshing like a sorbet.’

Where are achachas from?

Known in its original habitat of the Amazon Basin, Bolivia as the achachairú (Garcinia humilis A-SE), the Achacha is a tropical fruit, ovoid in shape, similar in size to an egg.

What do achachas look like?

Appearance: Bright orange with a firm skin. White edible pulp surrounding a soft seed; large samples may have multiple seeds.

Are achachas nutritious?

They are rich in antioxidants, particularly Vitamin C, and other nutrients such as folate, riboflavin and potassium.

How do I use achachas?

They are eaten as a fruit. The peel is used to make a nutritious thirst quencher and hunger suppressant. They can be frozen whole, and eaten like a natural sorbet. The flesh can also be used in cocktails, fruit salads, sauces, jellies and marmalades

How do I store them?

Keep at room temperature, in a fruit bowl. It has a long shelf life of many weeks if kept at between10°C and 25°C in a closed container. If open to a current of air the skin may dry out and wrinkle after several days, but the flesh will be fine. If preferred cold, place in refrigerator only for a few hours prior to consuming.

Where can I buy?

Although we cannot guarantee these retailers will always have achachas in stock, here is where they have been commonly sold:

  • Clayfield Fresh Markets
  • All About Fruit New Farm
  • J J’s Fruit Market – Greenslopes
  • Rock n Roll Bakery – Camp Hill
  • The Collective Markets South Bank
  • Coles West End
  • Coles Corina
  • Coles Inala
  • Indooroopilly Shopping Centre
  • Discount Fruit Barn – Strathpine
  • Woolworths Warner
  • Westfield North Lakes

Look out for achachas in your local grocer or supermarket.

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