2013 Masterchef contestant and now author, Dan Churchill, has a passion for health, fitness and well-being for the family through cooking.

Dan Churchill was only 12 when he enthusiastically joined the family weekly roster for cooking dinner.

Dan said, “The idea for the roster came from my Dad. The family always got together to watch the Jamie Oliver show on TV – so Dad thought that cooking was something we could all do.”

After completing a Bachelor and Masters in exercise science, he combined this with an appreciation of the importance of fresh foods to health and fitness, and having a well-balanced lifestyle.

Dan says one of his proudest achievements was self-publishing his own cookbook called ‘Dudefood Volume 1’ (the first of a series).

“My mates thought I wasn’t too bad in the kitchen and asked for my recipes so they could impress loved ones. After printing out some of my recipes I realised I could make a book out of this. Dudefood is now being sold in Australia and has been shipped to New Zealand.”

A four-year fan of Masterchef, Dan decided to enter and for three months appeared on the program.

“Masterchef was an accelerated learning experience that I never took for granted. Every day I woke up having to pinch myself to make sure this was real.”

He is now celebrating the release of his second cookbook, ‘The Healthy Cook,’ which is centred on the family.

Still only in his early 20′s, Dan hopes to one day be the ‘healthy cook of the world’.

Food has always been a massive part of my life and the impact I believe it plays on society is so important. I believe it truly brings people together and causes people to communicate and enjoy each other’s company.”

‘The Healthy Cook’ is available for pre-order now through his website.