No more skipping lunch or opting for quick takeaways, we have got you covered with a week’s worth of healthy work lunches. You won’t feel guilty eating at your desk!

Holidays are nearly over, and it’s time to get back into the nine to five routine. Regular, healthy eating can be somewhat impossible while working.

Here at bmag, we understand why a stash of snacks in the desk is common – so we’ve compiled a week’s worth of healthy work lunches for you to enjoy.



Fresh Baguette with Prawn & Avocado Filling

A classic seafood sanga, and quick recipe.

Chestnut and Chicken Spring Rolls

Favourite Asian flavours including ginger, chilli, soy and sesame.

Grilled Organic Banana Bread with Honey

Make a batch for the week, and it serves as a delightful, quick snack.



Mushroom & Prawn Pancakes

Low-calorie mushrooms and fresh prawns – be the envy of the entire office.

Wholemeal Couscous with Pumpkin & Bacon

Couscous is a perfect choice for a filling, yet nutritious lunch.

Plum & Yoghurt Muesli Pots

Enjoy seasonal stone fruits with Greek yoghurt.



Leek and Fontina Tart

Simple yet tasty recipe, thanks to guest chef Adam O’Sullivan

Persian Feta, Spinach & Raspberry Salad

An unexpected combination, but sure to kick-start the metabolism.

Basil Pesto Cupcakes

Don’t be alarmed – cupcakes can be savoury as well as sweet.



Red Beef & Pumpkin Curry

A tasty rendition of meat and three veg that you can enjoy at work.

San Choy Bau

Exquisite Asian flavours and chicken mince, wrapped in lettuce

Baked Plum & Orange Cake

Moist cake for all seasons, thanks to versatile stone fruits.



Avocado and Glazed Pork Rice Noodles

Making the most of nutritious, Australian avocados.

Raspberry, Blackberry & Yoghurt Jelly Cups

A healthy treat to enjoy on your Friday afternoon

Chestnut, Pear & Orange Powerballs

These healthy powerballs really pack a punch!


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