Everyone can understand why breakfast tends to get skipped – the morning rush to work, getting the kids to school, the ‘substitute’ or takeaway breakfast while sitting in traffic. For the 2014, never skip breakfast again with these nutritious and quick recipes, easy to fit into your morning routine!

Research shows that more people, including children, are skipping breakfast. We’ve all been guilty of it at some point, but we also know how vital breakfast is to our health and metabolism. Here at bmag, we believe 2014 is the year to bring back breakfast into full force – so we’ve compiled some simple, but nutritious recipes you can whip up before work, uni or school.

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

For the salmon fans. Breakfast served within 10 minutes or less.

Breakfast Bruschetta

Cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, pancetta and sourdough – a delicious breakfast mix.

French Toast with Vanilla & Summer Berries

An indulgent breakfast, for the sweet fiend.

Bacon, Mushroom & Scrambled Egg Risotto

A breakfast for the winter months, that will you keep satisfied right up until lunchtime.

Zucchini, Cherry Tomato & Goats Fetta Omelette

Eggs are the cornerstone of any breakfast – and this omelette is a taste sensation.

Grilled Organic Banana Bread with Honey

Pistachios – optional. Teamed with a smoothie – essential.

Plum & Yoghurt Muesli Pot

Best in stone fruit season. Make in five minutes or less.

Pancakes with Nectarine

Maple flavoured and complimented with nectarines. Add choc chips for an alternative.

What’s the cornerstone of your breakfast? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!