It’s going to be a berry good summer – with the arrival of seasonal raspberries and blackberries

The Australian summer is finally here and so is the fresh taste of hand-picked Aussie Raspberries and Blackberries.

Fresh is best, in more ways than one. Raspberries and blackberries are low in calories, high in dietary fibre and enriched with vitamin C.

And what fruit salad wouldn’t be complete without the taste of raspberries and blackberries to cut through the sweetness of the cream or ice-cream?

The Australian berry season lasts until Easter, but getting these gorgeous berries to your table involves a long process, says berry grower, Phil Rowe.

“The process of growing Australian raspberries and blackberries starts in late autumn or early winter depending on the region. We then nurture them until they are just ripe and ready to hand pick. Due to their delicacy, we don’t use machines to pick the fruit.  It’s an intensive process,” says Rowe.

According to Rowe, it’s this nurturing and individual hand-picking that allows the berries to best display their fine flavour.

“All love and care is taken to bring fresh Aussie raspberries and blackberries to consumers’ tables, which means that even if they may be higher in price than the frozen variety you find in supermarkets, the taste and aroma are unsurpassed. You can also eat them as soon as you leave the store,” says Rowe.

Rowe also suggests using Australian fresh raspberries and blackberries to make a healthy alternative to desserts.

“Adding fresh berries to natural yogurt and then freezing it makes a simple and healthy dessert ideal for children and adults alike,” he says.

Other dessert ideas include:

  • Berry Yoghurt Swirl Popsicles
  • Indulgent Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie
  • Poached Blackberry, Apple and Pear Compote
  • Raspberry, Blackberry and Yoghurt Jelly Cups
  • Raspberry, Spinach and Persian Feta Salad with Salted Candied Walnuts
  • Ricotta Hotcakes with Raspberries, Blackberries and Honeycomb Butter

Over the next few days bmag will be featuring all these recipes – so you can make most of the berry season.

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