This summer break, let’s take a trip back to old-fashioned fun with a new game, Spit or Miss, launched by Australian Cherries.

Many of us have classic childhood memories of an Aussie holiday break spent in the sunshine.

Hopscotch in the driveway, a day trip to the beach, skipping rope and swing ball, eating juicy watermelon and spitting cherry seeds in the backyard.

According the current research, the youngest generation have been more likely to be glued to the screen or their smartphones. 73% of parents played outdoors rather than indoors, compared to only 13% of contemporary kids – proving there has been a dramatic shift in childhood activity in the space of one generation.

What will the youngest generation look back to when they grow up? Will they hold similar fond nostalgia of their childhoods?

Australian Cherries is reminiscent of the summer days spent outdoors. They’re on a mission to ensure our current generation of kids don’t miss out on creating these fond memories.

In time for the cherry season, they’ve released a simple board game called ‘Spit or Miss’ to suit the whole family.

How to Play:

1. Choose a cherry

2. Chomp it up, swallow your pride, puff out your cheeks and spit the seed at the target

3. When all the cherries are chomped, the spitter with the most points wins!

4. Share your spectacular spit snaps

To celebrate the game release, there are Australian Cherries prize-packs up for grabs via their Facebook page.

How are you spending your Spit-acular summer! Let us know via comment box below