Bazaar calls itself an “interactive marketplace” – and since I’ve never been to a buffet quite like it, I’m inclined to do the same.

Continuing the strong boutique theme of the hotel’s interior design, Bazaar feels like a chic bar upon entering, mood lighting included – but instead of multitudes of colourful drinks it offers cuisine from all corners of the earth. The meandering path takes diners from Italy to Asia, offering fresh seafood and a myriad of meats alongside salads and a wide selection of cheeses. With the chefs right there topping up platters, there’s no need for name cards on the different dishes – just ask!

Despite the advice from our friendly host to save room for dessert, I was too enthralled with the challenge of trying a little of everything (a regular temptation at buffets, but almost a curse at one as diverse and tantalising as this). Of course I still managed to pack away a few of the petite desserts that were as decadent as they were creative. My particular favourite was a chocolate cup containing a marshmallow and to my surprise, a clash of peanut. Not usually a fan of peanut-chocolate combinations, I was so blown away I couldn’t even verbalise the deliciousness to fellow journalist Laura (who found my speechlessness particularly hilarious).

Paired with spicy and creative cocktails, the atmosphere and selection at Bazaar provided a very enjoyable night indeed.

For the morning the spread is transformed into a breakfast wonderland. Each time we mentioned to someone where we were staying that weekend, their response was identical: “The breakfast there is amazing!” And indeed it was. Continuing the theme of world cuisines, there was everything from Dutch mini-pancakes to Japanese-style rice and fish. We loved the retro bottles containing a range of juices and a stripey paper straw – no pouring required.

The friendly and helpful staff only added to the experience – one which I’ll be likely to repeat, once I’ve worked off the incredible amount of food I consumed on the treadmill.