Summer BBQ season has begun. Kicking back in the sunshine with family and friends, enjoying a cool beverage while grilling seasonal foods – a BBQ is truly one of summer’s best pleasures.

Whether you’re hosting your summer BBQ in the backyard, on the veranda or in the local park, there are several things to check-off to ensure all BBQ attendees are satisfied, and a stress-free afternoon as host.

Preparation: Getting Ready

Getting to the BBQ location, and realising some essentials have been left at home can be a host’s worst nightmare. For the BBQ use, and a comfortable setting for guests to relax, make sure to tick off these supplies.

For the BBQ:

– Gas bottle

– Lighter

– Aluminium pans & foil

– Paper towels/Napkins

– Cooking spray

– Cutting board

– Tongs

– Latex gloves

– Rubbish can/bag

– Apron

– Cleaning supplies

– Condiments for serving

Are you cooking over coals instead? Allow coals to heat 20-30 minutes, until white hot.


For the setting:

– Chairs

– Esky

– Folding tables

– Table covers

– Utensils

– Plates & Cups

– Picnic Rugs


Setting the Menu

Summer offers a sensational range of seasonal foods, ideal for a BBQ menu. Ensure your esky is large enough and packed with ice for the drinks to chill. Keep the night before free to prepare salads and marinades for the meat. If you want to mix up your BBQ menu from basic snags and steak, we have a range of recipes suitable for outdoor cooking.

Starters & Beverages:

– Prawns – any sort of seafood is a perfect choice for summer

– Smoked Sweetcorn

– Salsa & Guacamole with Tortilla

– Non-alcoholic Punch

– Homemade Iced Tea


Mains & Salads:

– Lemon & Rosemary Lamb Kebabs

– Pork Ribs

– Smoked Salmon Salad

– Grilled Seafood Kebabs

– Chicken Breast Burgers

– Pesto Pasta Salad



– Seasonal Fruit Skewers

– Pavlova

Alternatively, ask friends to bring a dish along, it’ll help bulk out the BBQ setting and take the pressure off slightly!



With a delicious menu, it’s unlikely anyone’s going to be bored, but keeping the kids entertained while the cooking takes place is essential. Having some equipment around (but nowhere near the BBQ!) can make for some entertaining, summertime games.

Equipment to consider:

– Volleyball or soccer ball

– Cricket set

– Frisbee

– Small paddling pool

– Swingball set

– Twister

For a night BBQ, consider creating a small, contained bonfire – for toasting marshmallows!


With this checklist, you’ll be fully equipped for summer BBQ success.

What’s your best BBQ recipe? Let us know!