Mangoes are back in season and in bountiful quantities just in time for a summer Christmas.

Australians love summer fruit and why wouldn’t we, when we have access to fresh and juicy fruits like mangoes, watermelons and apricots to cool us down in the summer heat?

It’s the only time no one will batter an eyelid for slurping at fruit like it was an ice cream about to drip while your face and arms are losing the battle to stay clean and dry.

Mangoes aren’t only great for eating to cool down in the heat or as part of a fruit salad, but they can be used in a variety of different ways, as Pinata Farms shares five ways to use Honey Gold mangoes this season.

Honey Gold mangoes have an intense flavour and when ripe the skin has a glossy appeal.

Pinata Farms product co-ordinator Rebecca Scurr says consumer research in 2012 showed shoppers switched from other varieties of mango to buy Honey Gold until the end of the season, with blind tests participants rating Honey Gold mangoes superior in flavour and texture.

“We pride ourselves on producing a great tasting mango which consistently has a rich, sweet flavour and firm yet juicy flesh. Honey Gold mangoes also have a smaller seed than other varieties- so there’s more flesh to eat. Children love them because they are so sweet and luscious,” she says.

Pinata Farms suggests these five ways to slide into summer with mangoes:

1. Bites:  On Chinese spoons, serve cubes with a slice of red chilli, coriander leaf and squirt of lime juice.
2. Dippers: Skewer mango cubes on long toothpicks, dip in yoghurt and then crusted nuts.
3. Scoops: Fill baby cos lettuce leaves with diced mango, avocado and red capsicum and drizzle with sweet chilli sauce.
4. Salad: Scatter mango cubes in a salad of rocket, walnuts, goat’s cheese and a zesty dressing.
5. Trifle: Layer mango cubes in tall glasses along with slices of sponge roll, jelly and fill in with custard.

Or why not try your hand at a sweet mango relish, mango souffle or home-made slushi?

When picking a Honey Gold mango at the supermarket or local market they are ripe and ready to eat and will last up to several weeks if kept in the fridge.

Will you become more adventurous with mangoes this summer?