According to new research there’s a trend towards health, with globally-inspired and wholesome food options topping the list in consumer eating habits.

The new research reveals clear trends around healthy eating and an adventurous desire to explore new cultures through cuisine says Craig Young, senior marketing manager at SunRice.

“Consumers are more aware and more conscious than ever that what they put into their bodies ultimately affects how they feel and perform. People are seeking healthier options for themselves and their families,” says Young.

“We also know that the TV shows and diversity of cuisine styles available has had a great influence over consumers. These new ‘foodies’ seek adventure in their home cooking – they have a desire to explore new cultures and create exciting culinary experiences for family and friends.”

In response to this trend, SunRice has launched three new product ranges – Health & Wellbeing, Gourmet, and Microwave ‘Heat & Eat’ Steamed Rice. Nutritionist and author Kara Landau is particularly excited about the new Health & Wellbeing Range, saying that the products provide excellent solutions for those seeking healthier options.

“For those wanting clean and wholesome options from a brand they can trust, I highly recommend Low GI Rice, Rice & Quinoa and the wheat free Rice & Barley variety,” says Landau. “They are all fantastic options, being free from additives or preservatives, and providing fuel to keep you going throughout the day.”

The new resealable stand up pouches and artisan rice boxes introduced across the SunRice brand represent a major packaging overhaul for the iconic Australian company and, according to Young, will appeal to the more health conscious and sustainable-lifestyle aware consumer.

What’s your favourite type of rice or grain? Are you a cous-cous fan or quinoa groupie? Let us know!