Throw away the take out menus and get out the frying pan, you can now get fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes delivered right to your door.

School holidays, bored kids and planning for a busy Christmas season stressing you out? Take-away food or just head to drive-thru are the easy options, but this can have all kinds of negative effects on health as well as attitudes toward healthy food.

According to a Commbank Signals Study, fast food spending in Australia has increased by 23 percent in the past four years, a concerning increase when current obesity trends predict nearly 75 per cent of Australian woman and 80 per cent of men will be obese within the next twelve years

But there is another choice. How about having everything you need to prepare healthy home-cooked meals delivered straight to your door?

2011 Masterchef contestant  and founder of HelloFresh, Tom Rutledge provides an online home delivery food service with a difference.

“Good quality produce needs very little additional time and effort when it comes to preparing a delicious dinner. There is also tremendous satisfaction in creating something yourself and then bringing it to the table for everyone to share. Even in a time when convenience is craved more and more, it is great to be able to outsource planning and shopping but it is also worth making a little time to stop and appreciate what we are eating and who we are eating with,”says Tom.

In a HelloFresh box you will receive fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes that take no longer than thirty minutes to prepare.

“We take pride in equipping people with knowledge as well as food. Ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat options have their place, but they leave consumers none the wiser on how to prepare these meals for themselves. HelloFresh seeks to de-mystify cooking and teach new skills so that customers can benefit regardless of how long they remain a customer for” says Tom.

HelloFresh even have a Christmas box on offer full of great Christmas ingredients including cherries, ham, cheese, pudding and even mince pies.

The online ordering process is really easy as well, just decide how many people you’re serving too.

For week to week meals there is the  Classic Box (three meals per week), Large Classic (five meals per week) and small and large vegetarian box options for two, four or six people.

I know what you’re thinking – what about the price? The classic boxes start from $59 per week while the meals average $10 per person, which is almost exactly what you would pay for a large meal at McDonald’s, so it seems fairly cost effective.

Head to the HelloFresh website for more information regarding there boxes and prices.

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What do you think of HelloFresh? Would you use this innovative home delivery service?