Beetroots are an Aussie favourite and in the new year we will be able to purchase fresh Australian grown beetroots in a pre-prepared pack thanks to Love Beets.

Who doesn’t love beetroot in a salad or a burger? The rich colour and interesting texture of beetroot makes it a popular ingredient for a range of dishes, add it to a salad, bake it into a cake, make a delicious relish or smoothie with this versatile vegetable.

Love Beets is a new Australian based company and their products will be hitting the shelves in major supermarkets, independent supermarkets and greengrocers in February 2014.

Love Beets provides fresh, home grown, baby beetroots that are peeled, cooked and packed so they are ready to eat, simply add them to your dish. Plus all Love Beets baby beetroots are filled with pure beetroot goodness there is no added sugar, salt or additives.

Beetroot is fat free and low in calories and Love Beets are also releasing a flavour-infused beetroots ideal for extra special dishes.

The benefits of beetroot: 

• Antioxidants, carotenoids and flavonoids which have been reported to help reduce absorption of LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol into the bloodstream
• Soluble fibre, which has also been shown to reduce cholesterol absorption
• Nitrates, which have been proven to boost stamina so your muscles can work harder
• Mineral silica that has been reported to help the body utilise calcium
• Folate which is great for expectant mothers

What are your favourite ways to eat beetroot?

Have a go at making your own veggie patch, you could even try your hand at growing beetroot.