Bocuse d’OR and non-for-profit movement Fair Food Australia are working together to create a spectacular garden feast, to celebrate local growers, producers and world-class chefs. Together they are working towards a fairer food system.

Bocuse d’Or is known as a prestigious world chef championship and Australia has it’s very own Bocus d’Or Academy that encourages the development of highly skilled chefs in hopes of raising awareness of the competition and it’s competitors.

Former culinary Olympian and 2015 Bocuse d’Or Australia Candidate Shannon Kellam, executive chef at the Brisbane Club, will be preparing the meal at the garden feast and ensured that the evenings’ meal will be carefully crafted using only fresh and ethically sourced ingredients.

“By partnering with Fair Food Brisbane, the Bocuse d’Or Academy Australia hopes to celebrate local food, connect farm to plate, and provide a value to produce that goes beyond a purely economic one,” the chef said.

Kellam also warned of the environmental and economic impacts of products that aren’t locally produced.

“Products that have to travel a fair distance to make it on to your plate leave a huge environmental and social footprint, so choosing sustainable produce is the best way to assure the quality and future supply of the ingredients we love.”

The feast will be held at Red Cross’ Jeays Street Community Garden in Bowen Hills on 30 November and all guests will enjoy culinary delights under the stars. Unfortunately tickets are sold out but you can make your own feast by visiting our recipes page.

A lot of the produce used on the night will be sourced from the garden and guests will have the opportunity to explore the garden and speak to local growers and chefs.

Fair Food Brisbane are the leaders of the sustainable movement in Queensland, co-founder Hope Johnson said the partnering between Fair Food and Bocuse d’Or is an important development for sustainable food.

“The fact that Shannon is pairing with us for this event tells us that the worlds between the finest cuisine and local sustainable food are merging.”

With edible gardens on the rise and sustainability an important issue everyone should be thinking about starting their own unique veggie patch.

Share with us where you purchase your sustainable products – or do you grow your own?