Anyone with specific dietary needs knows that Christmas cake is a definite no no! But the future is here and Christmas cakes have had a healthy makeover.

Healthy living  is constantly on the rise but Christmas is a time when even the most diligent among us can fall victim to the smell of Christmas cake in the oven. There is nothing better than devouring a delicious, moist Christmas cake on Christmas day. Thankfully for the healthy eaters and gluten/grain/nut/dairy intolerant there is an alternative option to Granny’s rum and butter laced recipe.

In 2012 the first gluten, gran, nut and dairy free Christmas cake became available in Australian stores. Due to its popularity it was renamed the Date and Cinnamon cake and was made available all year round. This year the cake is again flying off the shelves and co-creator of the cake and  gluten free expert Tania Hubbard says despite the name change it is still a wonderful Christmas option.

“I really love this cake, it is filled with lovely aromatic sweet spices, edible flowers and just the right amount of hand milled dates and even though we are going to keep the name Date and Cinnamon I can promise you it is still the best Christmas Cake mix ever.”

Not only does this cake tick the healthy and delicious boxes it is easy to make as well. All you need to make this delicious cake is the Gluten Free Grain Free Co’s, Date and Cinnamon mix, some eggs, olive oil and water.

This cake is also a great option for people with nut allergies, so why not give it a try?

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What are your favorite healthy Christmas dishes? Share them with us below.