You’ve been clean-eating and calorie counting but today threatens all your hard work…

So what are some good choices, that won’t leave you feeling guilty?

We often assume that alcohol doesn’t count when dieting, but a standard glass of wine could be the equivalent of a slice of cake, or a beer could easily compare to a donut.

When you consume alcohol, your body attempts to burn it off straight away, so if you minimise sugars and carbs your body can tackle the alcohol straight away.

For beer, a good option is a low carb beer that can be around 95 to 110 calories and can help reduce bloating. Whereas a full strength beer can be around 155 calories.

With wine, generally white is lighter. One Hunter Valley winery, Lindeman’s has been offering a range of light wines over the last five years that has been credited for having 25 per cent less calories than comparable wines.

The lowest calorie drink out there? It’s vodka, soda and a twist of fresh lime juice with around 65 calories. Most people assume gin and tonic to be the lighter option, but it actually can have around 200 calories per serve (30ml spirit and 250ml tonic). There’s no added sugar in the vodka option so your body only needs to burn off the alcohol – which it does straight away.

A thing to remember though is that alcohol stimulates cortisol, which can make you gain weight. The best option would be to eliminate alcohol completely for weight loss, but who can resist?