Can’t decide between turkey, duck or chicken? Why not have all three rolled into one spectacular three bird roast?

With Christmas dinner approaching, it may be time to try the ‘turducken’- but what does this strange festive dish even consist of?

A turducken is a de-boned chicken stuffed into a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed into a de-boned turkey. The word ‘Turducken’ is a combination of turkey, duck and chicken.

Australia’s most awarded butcher, Adam Stratton, says Australians have embraced the turducken with whole-hearted festive fervour, as he states last year he sold 1200.

“They’re flying out the door, so to speak. We’ve already filled one order book and we’re onto the second. We’ve had enquiries from customers all over the country and overseas.

“The Aussie Christmas lunch has changed so much and a turducken is the ultimate Christmas lunch show stopper. Not only do they taste sensational but they’re a real conversation starter,” he says.

A turducken can take up to three and a half hours to cook and will usually feed 15 adults.

“Not only are there three varieties of poultry, but there are also three different layers of stuffing.

“There’s a fruit stuffing in the chicken, a fig and pistachio nut stuffing in the duck and a sage and onion stuffing in the turkey.

“On top of the turkey skin is a thick layer of smoky bacon wrapped around the entire turducken.

“The final piece to a turducken masterpiece is to finish it with a maple syrup glaze – this helps to perfectly caramelise the skin,” he says.

Brisbane supermarkets and butchers have turduckens on offer but ordering is essential, as they need to be custom made with precision of a masterchef.

Have you tried a turducken before or will you try one for Christmas dinner this year?