Mangoes and melons and peaches, OH MY! How do you enjoy your summer fruit?

This time of year Aussies can be seen enjoying all sorts of summer fruit; Mango juice running down chins, watermelon smiles and cherry stained fingers are everywhere.

Summer fruit is definitely an Aussie favourite and stone fruit and fresh Watermelon are hitting the shelves and market stalls. It’s an Australian tradition to enjoy mangoes and watermelon around Christmas time, they are sweet, delicious and are perfect to help fight the summer heat.I’m sure most of you have witnessed watermelon pit spitting competitions and weird and wonderful ways to eat mangoes and cherries.

Many of my uni friends can’t afford shampoo but we always manage to scrounge together change for a few mangoes, my summer favourite.  Luckily places like The Kuraby Farmers Markets are now stocking farm fresh apricots, nectarines and mangoes and roadside stalls are popping up around the outskirts of Brisbane with trays of Mangoes at bargain prices.

Stone fruit is a great addition to summer salads and can even be used in a range of recipes including  relish and desserts.

Share with us how you enjoy your summer fruit. Do you eat it raw and juicy and end up with it all over your face and hands or do you enjoy a mango daiquiri by the pool?