The Cook’s Companion (known by some as the “kitchen Bible”) by Stephanie Alexander has been uploaded into the digital age as an app.

The trusty old recipe book is now being converted into a handy app for The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander.

Twenty years ago author Stephanie Alexander began the monumental task of bringing together all she had discovered about food from her early life, her travels through France and her many years in restaurant kitchens.

The result was the much-loved The Cook’s Companion, a cookbook sold to over half a million Australian households. Now Stephanie Alexander is proud to announce that a digital version has arrived  which is perfect for your pocket-friendly smartphone.

Bringing together 2000 recipes and 126 ingredient ‘bundles’, the user can search for a recipe by name, by style or by primary or secondary ingredient.

With ten ‘how-to’ videos, 200 food-on-plate shots and the ability for users to add notes to any recipe, email the ingredients to their phone for easy shopping, browse by ingredient bundle or ‘favourite’ recipes for safe-keeping.  Now this really is your one-stop cooking app.

Available for iOS or Android, Free with In-App purchases from the App Store or Google Play.

Are you a “laptop-chef” or do you stick with tried and tested cookbooks when in the kitchen? Would you try The Cook’s Companion app? Let us know!