Are you clean-eating or reaching for the chocolate stash in your desk drawer? Check out our five suggestions for tasty lunch time key ingredients!

It’s lunch time – What are you having for your lunch today?

It is important for you to have a healthy and balanced lunch to keep you alert for the afternoon ahead. So many of us work through lunch at work, skip lunch to go to an appointment and overlook how important this meal really is.

  1. Salmon – light and tasty, your daily omega-3 fatty acid needs will be met with salmon, helping to prevent heart disease and boost memory. The protein will fill you up and keep you going until evening.
  2. Goat’s cheese – lower in fat than other popular cheeses, goat’s cheese provides a creamy taste that will satisfy your cheese cravings.
  3. Go wholemeal – whether you go for a sandwich or a wrap, ensure you choose the wholemeal flour version for extra nutrients
  4. Add garlic – an immune booster, it also can improve the taste of your bland pasta dish (just remember to also pack some breath mints)
  5. Black beans – jam-packed with antioxidants and protein, black beans will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will give you a great dose of fibre and folate and help to stabilise your blood sugar levels, meaning that three o’clock sugar craving might just be able to be ignored…

What are you having for lunch? Did you pre-pack or are you going for the takeaway option? Let us know your favourite places to have lunch!