A different kind of Viking is invading Australia – or at least, a beer called Viking beer is.

A new boutique beverage has just landed on Australian shores called Viking beer..

Viking Beer, a full-strength premium golden lager, is brewed using glacial water from Iceland according to the European Pilsner method and is the first Icelandic beer to enter the Australian market.

Viking Beer is the fresh new taste from the coolest place on earth. Created from pure glacial waters,

A unique combination of malt, hops and barley results in a dry finish with a subtle bitterness. The new Viking beer bottle is designed exclusively for the Australian market and features the Norse god Odin.

Fun Iceland Facts
  • Beer was illegal in Iceland until 1989 (those poor mid-twentieth century citizens)
  • In the ’60s and ’70s Iceland and the UK got into a dispute over fishing grounds – it was known as the “Cod Wars”
  • Iceland has nearly 24 hours of darkness in winter and almost 24 hours of sunlight in summer – and as we Aussies know, there’s nothing more perfect on a sunny day than downing an ice-cold beer
  • The Icelandic parliament dates back to the early tenth century!
  • Iceland has the cleanest water in the world – it’s so clean the water supply doesn’t even need treatment