If you’re one of the thousands working in the inner city, chained to your desk, you’re not unfamiliar with ‘dining al desko’. Farmer’s Son is now here to help!

Are you guilty of ‘dining’ at your desk? The Farmer’s Son is here to help! 

Thanks to The Farmer’s Son, a clever new food delivery service, every Thursday you can order in a nourishing lunch. So how does it work? Each Friday the menu for the following Thursday is released on the website and social media.

Orders are a minimum of $50, so grab a couple of colleagues to join you, and together you shall have bragging rights about having the healthiest lunch in the office.

There’ll be a ‘lunchbox’, an organic, gluten-free delight, smoothies, juices and even a healthy sweet to choose from!

The concept was dreamed up by Tate (the farmer’s son) and SJ Culley, a doctor and nutritionist, so you know each meal gets the health tick of approval. Plus the delivery is brought to you via bicycle.

At The Farmers Son all of our food is gluten-free and vegetarian with the majority of our dishes using all vegan ingredients. Our cooking methods do not include microwaves, deep fryers or defrosting. Why? Because we are committed to only using the freshest seasonal local produce we can get our hands on. If we can’t get our fruit and vegetables local, fresh and organic – we omit the ingredient altogether and replace it with something that is!