There is a great selection of Italian wines available in Australia and our winemakers have not been slow to see the attractions of Italian grape varieties.

Italian wines – They have less fruity aroma than traditional Australian wines but usually offer a dry yet interesting taste texture that is very shippable and great with food.

Italy is the biggest wine producing country in the world. The production is about 15 times that of Australia. Every region of Italy produces wine. Start your Italian wine discovery in Tuscany where the famous region of Chianti produces a savoury red wine made mostly from Sangiovese grapes.

The second premium region is Piemonte (often referred to as Piedmont). Barolo has its origin here – a long living tannic red wine made of the variety Nebbiolo. Lighter reds in the region are from Barbera, Barbaresco and Dolcetto. Whites from here are made of Arneis – a dry lemon pith style.

Fontanabianco Langhe Arneis 2012, Piemonte
Fresh lemon stony dry style; great for hot weather and light barbecued foods. RRP$26.

Fattoria Poggerino Chianti Classico 2010, Tuscany
Savoury cherry flavor with medium body and softness but good tasting length. RRP$45.

Frescobaldi Pater Sangiovese 2010, Tuscany
Soft cherry flavour. A pleasant taste of Italy at a lower price. RRP$26.

Giovanni Rosso Langhe Nebbiolo 2010, Piemonte
Lighter bodied but complex aromas and great length of taste. RRP$45.

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