Having a flat phone battery while enjoying a night out, is no longer a problem at The Fox Hotel.

Has your phone ever ran out of juice while out? Haven’t been able to call that friend or lover, add money to your card, check in or take social pics? If so, the new Discgo charger is coming to Brisbane at The Fox to save your social life!

The Discgo charger has had proven success throughout the rest of Australia, and now patrons at The Fox Hotel no longer have to suffer a dead battery or a bad night out again.

The mobile charger is free and can be used while moving around the venue, eliminating concerns of theft. Staff will show patrons how easy it is to charge using the Discogo while enjoying a meal or drink at the hotel.

The brains behind this innovative solution, Sean Brandtman, said he came up with the concept after the frustration of having a flat phone battery while out.

“I set out to develop the device for venues to help people stay connected while they’re out.

“I know firsthand the feeling of being anxious when out and about without a phone, so that was the inspiration behind the idea,” he says.


Would you use this service while you were out?