Comfort chocolate – long thought to be the domain of women (often with miserable mascara streaks in flannel pyjamas) – is now a preferred pick-me-up of Australian men, a new study has revealed.

Despite traditional perceptions, the 2013 National Chocolate Report has found Australian men to be serial comfort chocolate eaters. The report found 53 percent of men identify chocolate as a mood enhancer  or comfort food and use it when experiencing man-flu, post break-up blues or just when they’re feeling lonely.

The tough tradie is the most prolific comfort chocolate fiend with 83 percent of tradesmen (30 percent more than the men’s average) indulging.

“Statistics show that, to the average Australian, chocolate is considered much more than just simply ‘food’, with men now having a stronger emotional connection to it,” says Max Brenner General Manager Yael Kaminski. “Whether enjoyed as a sweet treat or as a way to lift our spirits or give us comfort, there’s no doubt chocolate is becoming an integral part of the Aussie way of life.”

Unwrapping the facts…

  • 20 percent of Aussies say chocolate is their favourite food
  • Australians prefer to eat plain chocolate over flavour combinations – but if they had to chose, chocolate with nuts (of any kind) is their favourite combo
  • Six percent admit to eating chocolate as their main evening meal
  • 78 percent of Aussies consume chocolate once a week or more
  • One in seven Australians enjoy chocolate most when consumed in the bedroom!