European summer…you think Continental cocktails… turquoise waters, fuchsia sunsets and breathtaking views (not to mention the accents!) – it’s a recipe for glamorous relaxation.

Short of a trip to Italy or Spain to enjoy cocktails the way the Europians make them, the Emporium Hotel Cocktail Bar has the next best thing – a new cocktail menu designed to evoke the cool sophistication of European summertime.

Featuring Classics with a Twist, Summer Punch mixes, Gin Specials and Emporium Favourites, every creation promises a taste of the Amalfi Coastline, a sunset at Cannes, or a Santorini cliff-top.

“The entire team from the Emporium Hotel Cocktail Bar worked together to fuse this menu – an example of creative minds coming together to invent a fresh summer menu of cocktails with a twist,” says Laura Allen, spokesperson for the Emporium Hotel.

At the European summer-themed launch party guests were treated to cocktails with iconic European flavours such as Italian liqueur Limoncello in a Movenpick sorbet Sgroppino.

“The new menu also features a specific Gin Tonica Menu, with gin being a big trend this summer,” says Allen. A first for the hotel, the specialist menu boasts gin served “…the Spanish way” and features five different gin varieties.

So if you want the Mediterranean experience without the hassle of the 24-hour flight, head to the Emporium Hotel for a taste of European summer.