Would you like fries with that? How about some ping pong? Grill’d Wintergarden are serving diners a curve ball in the form of Thursday night ping pong matches.

Once a sport enjoyed by upper-class socialites of the late 1800s, ping pong is making a fresh play for 21st Century burger-lovers by invading the Wintergarden restaurant with tables every Thursday from 5pm to 8pm. With ten dollar jugs and plenty of space for groups, it’s a recipe for a ballin’ good time.

“The ping pong craze is well and truly back,” says Jamie Hodgess, Grill’d Wintergarden Restaurant Manager. “We decided to take it to the next level – providing locals with a mid-week destination for live music, burgers and beers. Diners can play ping pong with a beer and one hand and paddle in the other.”

With the cool crowds of London, Berlin and New York adopting the sport, ping pong has bounced out of the garage and into the limelight.

Player dangers include drink spillage from trick shots, over-competitive mates ruining appetites, and lethargy in game caused by overeating.

Almost everyone craves a burger now and then, but too often I felt compelled to abstain. I’d complain to friends that I could rarely find a burger that didn’t make me feel heavy & bloated. Most agreed and eventually a good friend (sick of my whining) told me to put up or shut up. It was in that pub that the idea of Grill’d was born.

For more information call Grill’d Wintergarden on (07) 3003 1500.